Sharing is one of the best values that can a humanbieng have, and for that reason we are here to share hope and solidarity with people who have been suffering especialy lately from Covid-19 by providing them clothes, shoes, bags and toys that people don’t want anymore

by  that, we are not only helping people getting some warmth but  we also help by avoiding the disctruction of thoes clothes and the envirenment and give them a second chance to be used for a longer period of time and then to be recycled

Who benefits

We donate clothes, shoes, bags and toys to children and adultes in north african countries
we give a priority to people who suffered recently from natural disasters or local wars ect…

Our activities are carried out only in countries that respect the international environmental law and protect their environment


The Process

we Collect the Donated Goods from countries of western europe and we transport them to spain to our warehouse

In our warehouse we classify the items to many deffirent ctegories(adult clothes, children clothes, tops,bottoms, ect…) and we store them in different bale forms and weights

After that we shipp them in deffirent containers (depending on the need)  to our collaborators to be distributed under the controle of our agents